Democracy Letter to the Editor: CPR

Currently, I am a junior at North Kingstown High School and I am trying to add first aid and CPR training to the North Kingstown middle and high schools. Throughout all my years of being a student in this district, I have only been introduced to first aid training and not CPR training yet. The first aid training is set for junior year and CPR training is set for senior year. I believe that these lessons should be implemented in not only the high school, but the middle school’s health curriculums. Certifications for CPR and first aid only last two years before one has to be re-certified. In order for this to be taught first aid would be taught one year, and CPR the next year. That way the students would not learn the same lessons every year. Adding these lessons to the middle and high school levels will allow students to learn how to save one’s life. This is the one class in high school that students would never ask, “Why do I need to know this?”


Keeley Donnelly